Corporate Travel Management – A Solution for All

Corporate travel management solutions changed the way businesses manage and control their in-house travel operations. The benefits of these solutions vary from cost-savings, expense management, control, and much more. However, several businesses choose to control their travel without the use of any centralized platform or tools. This is referred to as unmanaged corporate travel.

There are several issues that come up when companies resort to unmanaged travel management solutions. First, company travel expenses are higher when using independent booking processes throughout the company. This is a result of unmanaged rate selection during independent travel searches. Time consumption is also another factor affecting companies that do not use a solution for their travel plans. Employees will end up spending more time searching for the best rates in line with their company policies. Third, travel expenses are much more difficult to control and document when resorting to an unmanaged travel management process.

On the other hand, companies who resort to corporate travel management solutions see more benefits to ease their travel policy adaptations. Here are the top benefits of using these solutions within your business from the perspective of the traveler, travel manager, and the financial department.

For The Business Traveler

To start, travelers will experience a seamless booking process when using a solution that manages internal corporate travel. Employees can explore lists of preferred rates that follow the company’s travel policies without the need to cross-check requirements. This is also a time-saving method where employees will spend less time booking their trip than if it were done independently.

Moreover, business travelers or employees will specifically enjoy this solution when it automates expense documentation and approvals. This will assist these travelers in accessing their trip history, invoices, and expense reports to submit to the necessary departments. In addition, it saves time in accumulating documents and circulating them for approvals to finance and human resources. Furthermore, employees can enjoy rewards when saving on their business trip bookings, which is an incentive that they benefit from.

For The Travel Manager

On the other hand, corporate travel management solutions feature automated tools that allow for easy control, management, and implementation for corporate travelers. This is specifically beneficial to in-house travel managers who are in charge of implementing the company’s pre-set travel policy from a control and management perspective. Corporate travel management solutions set, manage, and enforce the company’s travel policies within minutes. Furthermore, management and approvals for trips can all be handled through a click of a button.

Additionally, when calculating expenses and invoices for trips these tools will automate reports to evaluate travel costs in any selected time period needed.

For The Finance Manager  

Finally, financial departments will enjoy the ease of use and control of these solutions when calculating weekly, monthly, or yearly travel expenses for their organizations. Finance managers experience full visibility on corporate travel spend whether for a specific employee, a destination, a customer, a project, and more.

These solutions assist in controlling travel spend and implementing travel policies based on findings and trends. Corporate travel management tools also provide easy integration for expense bookkeeping that integrates with your company’s overall spending.

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