Top 10 Business Travel Tips for 2021

Traveling during and post-pandemic can be overwhelming. This is due to the constant shift of travel restrictions and policies in different regions and countries. The COVID situation is still fluctuating at the time of writing this post, therefore, we highly advise that you stay updated on the latest news and updates for your corporate travel arrangements. Furthermore, there are several things to look out for during your travel to ensure your personal comfort, flexible mobility, and more.

Before you embark on your business travel plans, check out these 10 tips to keep you safe, comfortable, and efficient during your trip.

1. Stay Updated on Travel Restrictions

First, make sure to stay up to date on the latest travel restrictions implemented to your specific destination. Nations are generally easing travel restrictions in 2021, however, some are actually implementing stricter policies depending on the COVID situation in the country.

For example, vaccinated travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia can skip quarantine requirements as long as they provide proof of vaccination. Similarly, the UAE welcomes travelers who are vaccinated to enter the country as long as they test negative on PCR upon arrival.

Follow the below links for more information on country-specific updates:

United Arab Emirates

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia





2. Choose Flexible or Refundable Deals

Additionally, we are witnessing fluctuating restrictions on arrival from different countries depending on the current COVID situation in place. Therefore, we strongly advise selecting flexible and refundable rates when booking your flights and hotels. Most airlines and hotel companies are introducing more flexibility to bookers since the pandemic. These flexible rates are vital to ensure that your expenses are being managed responsibly, especially with business travel.

3. Personal Protective Gear

Furthermore, we recommend you always have your own personal protective gear on hand during your trip. Having your own gear will reduce your risk of contraction since you won’t have to use or touch any surfaces. Firstly, using a mask that allows for easy breathing is vital during your travel. Wearing a mask during a pandemic and especially on flights can be suffocating. This is why we recommend you chose a mask that both protects you and allows you to breathe comfortably. Second, always have antibacterial wipes or sprays to clean your surroundings when traveling. This ensures a safe space for you to navigate and relax during the trip.

4. Choosing Prime Hotel Locations

Also, we highly recommend that you chose hotels within the vicinity of prime locations in the destination you are going to. Staying in a hotel that is close to dining, lifestyle, and recreational venues will ensure that everything you need is a few minutes away. In addition, staying in a hotel that is close to meeting locations and client offices will ensure that you are always on time and decreases the stress of traffic delays.

5. Look Out for Hotel Safety Procedures

Most hotel companies implemented new safety and hygiene precautions to accommodate post-pandemic travel. Therefore, we strongly advise that you seek hotels with accredited hygiene practices when booking your stay. These include touchless services such as check-in and check-out, social distancing policies in public areas, as well as the availability of personal protective equipment when needed.

Most hotel companies have introduced accredited programs to manage their operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, explore the Marriott Cleanliness Council that redefined the company’s cleaning and safety standards. Another example is Accor’s All Safe Program that ensures safety in every aspect of the property operation.

6. Car Rental

Moreover, we recommend you rent a car during your business trip for several reasons. First of all, you will leave and come within your own specified needs throughout your stay. This means not worrying if a certain transport is late or canceled when heading to an important appointment. Secondly, having your own car is the safest way to transport during a pandemic. Using public or private transportation can increase your risk of contraction.

7. Allocate Some Leisure Time

Exploring different destinations during your business trips always has an advantage. Take some time to explore cities, cultures, culinary experiences, and more while you’re there! You can always take some free time before or after your meetings to breathe in some fresh air or explore the destination’s top attractions and landmarks.

8. Pack Light

Traveling with just a carry-on during business trips is extremely beneficial where you can reduce your luggage waiting time at airports and unpacking/packing before and after your stay. It may not always be possible to pack light, especially with longer trips. However, if you’re traveling for a few days, we highly recommend that you pack light.

9. Sign-Up for Reward Programs

You tend to travel more when you travel for business. That’s why we recommend that you sign up with a reward program with travel-specific benefits to make your trips more comfortable! Most airline and hotel reward programs bring an array of benefits including upgrades, discounts, business lounge entry, and much more.

10. Check Your Company Travel Policy

Finally, always make sure that you’re in alignment with your company’s travel policy. From transportation to meal allowances, hotel-specific requirements, and expense documentation, always be on the lookout that you are adhering to your pre-set corporate travel policy.

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